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Stadl - Predlitz

Located in the west directly on the Mur Cycle Path, Stadl-Predlitz is considered the gateway to Styria: Coming from Salzburg's Lungau as well as Carinthia via the Turracher Höhe - the idyllic Alm-See-Plateau - or via the Flattnitz to Stadl an der Mur.

You are warmly welcomed at the Turracher Höhe! The Turracher Höhe scores with its diverse range of offers in the snow: Winter fans can go skiing, cross-country skiing, tobogganing, winter hiking and whiz nocky here. Due to the altitude and the guaranteed snow even until the end of April, beginning of May.

When winter has given way to spring in the higher altitudes from the end of May, the most attractive time of the year begins on the Turracher Höhe - mountain spring. From the end of May, nature unfolds in all its splendor of colors, to experience several highlights until mid-July. Everything blooms, thrives, grows - faster and more concentrated than in the valley.

The classic mountain summer moves into the country from mid-July - warm, beautiful, with particularly long days, but never oppressively humid like in the valley. Here, guests can breathe fresh air in summer, even if it can be 25 to 30 ° C during the day. The nights are pleasantly cool in any case and in the evenings you like to snuggle under the thick duvet. You are also very welcome in Predlitz and Stadl an der Mur - for hiking or swimming fun in the Stadl bathing pond!

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Located in the west directly
onthe Mur Cycle Path,
Stadl-Predlitzis considered
thegateway to Styria: Coming
fromSalzburg's Lungau
as wellas Carinthia via the
Tu .... ...


Our traditionally-furnished
alpinehut - a FORMER
FARMHOUSE- is situated 1150
mabove sea level in a quiet,
fog-freelocation in
the middleof green pastures
andis .... ...


If the children are having
fun,so will their parents.
Aftera hearty breakfast of
homemadeproduce, the
childrencan run about
outdoors. Youcan finish your
coffee .... ...
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