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Situated in the heart of the Adriatic seaside, Biograd charmingly extends itself along the coastline and peninsula. Here, you will find a row of beautiful beaches full of activities under the cool pines along the shore, traces of history with tales of kings and sunken ships, two marinas as a shelter for numerous white sailboats facing the Pašman canal and the mountainous islands which gracefully frame the setting of the sun.
Biograd is a town which delights its guests in that everyone can find activities and entertainment to suit their own taste! If you love to bicycle, join us in our traditional Biograd Bike Race. Celebrate May 1 (our traditional summer kickoff) by participating in the dynamic Slovenian weekend, filled with interesting activities. Gastro Biograd is a manifestation which, in June, transforms the seaside walkway into a heavenly array of flavors and aromas of authentic products from the whole of Croatia, and Biograd Night is the merriest summer night with many festivities for all grown-ups. In its relaxed and intimate edition, you will find the Biograd Street Music Festival. And maybe, more than anything else, you are in love with sailing? Biograd with its two marina represents an important nautical center, and the Biograd Boat Show provides high quality proof to that reputation.

One of the best ways to sightsee Biograd and the outlying area is by pedaling your bicycle! If you want to avoid the more challenging riding paths, we suggest you try neighboring towns like Saint Filip & Jakov. Another choice: the sturdy, unpaved road along the coastline to Soline will be excellent, since it winds along through thick pines from the center of town to the Kumenat settlement southwards, towards the town of Pakoštane.
For those who prefer a greater challenge and a little bit more of a time allotment, continue the route around Lake Vrana which is 38 km long. But that’s not the big one – there is even a greater goal – which leads you by the lookout post at Kamenjak towards the town of Vrana, and which lengthens your ride by a few more kilometers.

Gorgeous beaches are the pride of Biograd. Nature has gifted us with a whole row of pebbly and sandy beaches in the proximity of the town. Decorated with a row of thick pine forestation, many activities and attractions are lined along the linked seaside walkway that spans along the coast. Beginning with the hotel beaches adjacent to Hotel Ilirija and the Hotel Adriatic, it continues to pebbly beach Dražica all the way to the sandy Soline Beach. Discover which one is your favorite, and simply – ENJOY.
The water side attraction is one that guarantees all-day fun for the children, and you can find it at Dražica Beach. This pebbly beach is one of a number of lovely beaches which can be found on the southeastern side of the town. Encircled by thick pine trees, you can count on plenty shade and cool air which along with the many attractions, seems ideal for a family with children. A diving club enables visitors to learn how to explore the sea floor. Exceptionally well-organized, the cleanliness and quality of this beach has been confirmed by a blue flag which has been proudly waving over Dražica since 2006.
If you are in search of the most beautiful coves, you will be overjoyed with Soline beach. One of the most beautiful in town, it is charmingly located in a patch of forestation, right beside a campground called Park Soline. It is very convenient for a family with small children because you will find both sand and pebble beaches, each encased by a special, fenced off area zoned just for swimmers. If you are hungry, don’t worry – there are coffee shops, restaurants and fast food joints to appease your appetite at the beach.  If you don’t like to bake too long in the sun, try out some – or better yet, all – of the activities that Biograd has to offer – paddle boats, kayaking, and aqua park... Beach volleyball enthusiasts have a court for enjoying their favorite sport.
If you are heading towards the north-western part of town, we recommend the seaside walkway, just beyond the new marina, where you’ll easily reach Bošana Beach. The outstretched, pebbly beach which has an easy, direct entrance to the sea will agree with all generations. For time spent between swimming, enjoy our volleyball court on the sand, and your young ones will certainly be delighted with the children’s playground.  You’ll find food and drink in the coffee shops, restaurants and stands selling fast food which are in direct proximity of the beach. One warning – as this beach has no forest or shady area, please wear sunscreen and ensure that you are adequately protected from excessive exposure to the sun!
Boating to the beach? If you happen to find yourself on the Biograd beaches of Soline or Dražica in a rented boat, there’s one more beautiful sandy cove by the name of Crvena Luka (red sunset). Only about three kilometers from the center of Biograd, it’s particularly ideal for hot summer days, as it is surrounded with the cool shade of pine trees. If you are more suited to walking, head out on foot from the Kumenat settlement or, perhaps fastest of all, you can reach Crvena Luka by automobile.

Culture and heritage

Biograd is a city with a past, and its intriguing traces may not be immediately recognizable to the eye. They are waiting to be discovered by strolling along its streets and observing its town squares, where some startlingly amazing discoveries will come to light. You’ll learn that Biograd, in a former lifetime, was the capital of Croatian rulers where, in 1102 Hungarian-Croatian King Kolomon was crowned. Tucked away from the tourist beat, true cultural treasure awaits you in our Museum of Culture and Heritage. As a twist of history, the infamous sinking of the Venetian vessel in the 16th century brought an assortment of fascinating items to our doorstep, more than 10,000 in fact, which are now featured in a unique exhibition unlike any other that you’ll find along the Adriatic shoreline. The story will continue to unfold, as told in the museum and the numerous churches: All you must do is see and hear the murmurings within their interior, which through the powers of observation, will transmit a type of time-travel through cultural storytelling!

Natural heritage

If you adore islands, you will be thrilled with the miraculous formation of the 140 plus islands which make up Kornati National Park. Here, in the middle of this magical place, you can find a treasure trove of natural beauty. The untamed beauty of nature at Velebit mountain, the inspiration for many Croatian myths and legends, will soothe you with its peaceful repose. At Paklenica National Park, however, you find yourself pumped up with adrenalin. If your heart is drawn to the sublime charm of lakes, you’ll find in close proximity to Biograd a sweet-water lake and bird reservation at the Lake Vrana Nature Reserve. We recommend that you investigate Telaščica Nature Reserve which also conceals a secret, salt water lake called “Mir” (meaning “Peace”), with medicinal properties as well as world famous Plitvica Lakes National Park laden with more than 16 turquoise lakes.

Gastro experience

The tastes, smells, customs, traditions and heritage of Dalmatia will most truly impress you with the farms. Listen to the warm, family stories of the hosts, take a look at Dalmatian houses that kept many traces of times past and relax. On farms, the weather runs slower with delicious snacks, a glass of Dalmatian wine and nature breathing with you.


If you wish to fully experience all the beauty and natural particularities of Biograd and the outlying area, we suggest that you pick and choose from among the following, specially-designed tour programs. For example, we offer a diving excursion where you can skillfuly learn to dive into the secret world of the Adriatic undersea, discovering sunken ships along the coast, investigate the world-famous Kornati Islands in a different way, embark on one-day sailing excursions (including a hands-on teaching tour) as well as many other nature-based activities, such as bicycling, hiking, bird watching – and so much more!

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