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Island Pašman

Oasis of peace and quiet, connected by bridge with the island of Ugljan and by ferry with Biograd na Moru on the mainland, Pašman is the island apropriate for robinson type of vacation. 
The last village on the south of the island of Pašman and the port from which ferries to Biograd operate. The Benedictine monastery is situated on top of Ćokovac hill, just 2 kilometres of Tkon.
Don't miss
 Explore your endurance at Škraping trekking race
 Feel the peacefulness of the Ćokovac Benedictine Monastery
 Enjoy the views of the archipelago at Straža peak
Safe harbours and sandy beaches are ideal spots for a great summer holiday in Pašman, the village on the homonymous island that is the centre of the area.
Don't miss
 Explore this typical fishermen village
 Taste the local seafood delicacies
 Hike and bike through the olive groves

This beach is ideal for families with children, but it is also suitable for adults. Its bottom is completely sandy and also has a shallow sandy access into the sea. It contains a concrete part on where you can sunbathe, as well as natural shade. The beach is equipped with showers and changing rooms, a volleyball court, and nearby there is a parking area. You can find refreshments In the nearby catering facilities.
The beach is almost at the entrance to the town. There is a paved area for sunbathing, while the bottom has sand. It is equipped with showers and changing rooms, and next to it there is a tennis court and a volleyball court and bocce court. It is ideal for swimming and for long walks by the sea. There is secured parking.
The beach at Barotul has a sandy and pebbly pat, and it is connected with the beach in Mrljanima with which it makes a long promenade. It is suitable for children and the elderly. On the beach there are changing rooms and showers, and a volleyball court. There is a large space for sunbathing and a part providing a natural shade. Parking is secured for cars, and refreshments can be found in the nearby catering facilities.

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