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This lively and charming seaside town near Zadar is proud of its long tradition of Klapa singing. You can often hear it from the beautiful riva (promenade).

Anchor in the largest Adriatic marina – D Marina Dalmacija

Vist the Church of St Róch

Explore sacral artifacts in the Nativity of St. John the Baptist Church

Beach volleyball
Beach volleyball is a popular sport which has appeared as a variant of traditional indoor volleyball. It mostly takes place on sandy beaches where the sport originated itself. Although beach volleyball was initially fun only, it gradually grew into a real competitive sport. If you are a volleyball fan, you will come to a real paradise! Volleyball is played daily on the beaches of Punta, Puntarožica and Lipauska.
The Adriatic Sea is full of many interesting crevices, caves, pits and channels, as well as specific plant and animal species that live only in the Adriatic. If you are a fan of sea depths, certainly try to find out why diving along the Adriatic has a very long tradition as well as diving tourism, which is recording its growth increasing through years due to its exceptional limpidity and underwater life richness. Dive into the blue depths and spend your vacation enjoying the beauties of our underwater.
Bibinje with its beaches and tamed coasts, with lots of favourable wind offers ideal conditions for windsurfing. During the tourist season, we organize competitions of the windsurfing clubs in order to make our guests even more familiar with this kind of sports activity. Surfers can surf as long as there is enough wind; they can perform spectacular jumps while breaking waves. Some surfers find it relaxing, while others enjoy the danger and adrenaline which is also a lifestyle in the search for perfection limit of skills.
Hiking, cycling
Walking by the sea in the morning and in the evening is certainly a unique experience, but nothing less beautiful is passing by bicycle through Punta to Marina Dalmatia while enjoying a peaceful ride through the untouched parts of nature.
Indoor activities
New sports hall in Bibinje offers ideal conditions for indoor sports and recreation (basketball, volleyball, football, Pilates, dance).
Other sports activities
Sports centre Crljenica offers basketball and football field to our guests and a tennis court with a separate area for bocce nearby. At the very exit of Bibinje, there is a big football field.

Beach Punta Rožica
Main beach in Bibinje located in the Old Village. It is pebble, with concrete sunbeds. Equipped with showers and changing cabins.
Beach Na škaljici
It is located outside the shore of the Jaz bay.
Beach Karabani
If you go to the north you will run up against Karaban Bay that leads all the way to Dva mosta, followed by Beach Sorići and Beach Bralići.
Beach Lipauska
The beauty of Bibinje which attracts many visitors as well as locals by its sandy bottom.
Beach Punta
It is located at the eastern end of Bibinje next to Marina Dalmatia. The beach is pebbly, there is a restaurant and a café nearby as well as playgrounds for beach volleyball hosting volleyball tournaments, which attract large numbers of viewers.
Beach Šulterova vala
This is a favorite beach for the youngest swimmers .

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