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Gastronomy stands out with the offer of Sukošan rustic taverns. It is located beside the deep Zlatna luka bay, named after gorgeous golden hues of the sea, painted by the setting sun.
Sukošan provides a range of opportunities for those who spend their holidays in addition to swimming and sunbathing and some other activities.
The beautiful nature that surrounds us is suitable for walking and cycling, ideal conditions for sailing and diving, outdoor playgrounds, new equipped sports hall, decorated trim trail through Tustica (6km), will satisfy all lovers of active holidays.....
if you like basketball, you've come to the right place. At the playground in the center of the basketball game every day.
are also popular, every summer the football tournaments at the Sports Center FC organized the Zlatna Luka.
is definitely a summer sport, interesting and attractive. If you like the game available to the courts on the beach 'at the Cross' and 'Makarska'
tracks along the sea in the morning or in the evening are a special experience, but no less beautiful is to pass through the fields, vineyards and olive groves... Experience the special smell of underbrush and herbs doing some exercise at our fitness trail, and a peak of Tustica enjoy the view of the Marina Sukosan Dalmatia, Pasman canal and the islands on one side and fertile Plain districts on the other./p>
A typical game for the Dalmatian towns as well as for Sukosan.
Surfers can enjoy all year round in Sukošan. During the spring and fall 'catch' a good storm will moderate the south, and in the summer will create excellent conditions for Tramuntana and mistral. Due to the proximity of the island, surfing is very safe and at this sport can all lovers regardless of their level of knowledge and skills.
With a little luck you can find a host that will take you 'nets' or 'lamplight', and if not, take your hook, find the perfect place. We wish you a good catch.
Enjoy a special adventure and dive into the blue Adriatic paradise.
Zadar area's most islands in Dalmatia and the advantage of such waters is that the weather conditions you can find a safe dive. The beauty of our underwater is known around the world and the magical world of silence attracts more fans.
Admirers of this wonderful sport have a diving center 'Zlatna Luka' which is located in the Marina Dalmacija.
Zrmanja is the river affectionately known as 'beauty and the beast'. It provides one of the best rafting in this part of Europe, and when the quiet, the beauty that easily carries us through landscapes that take your breath away with its beauty.
It is a river you have to see and experience.
We recommend an organized rafting tours of Žegar to Muskovac...
Paintball is one of the most exciting extreme sports in the world and is becoming increasingly popular among millions of men and women of all ages and lifestyles. As it's based on adrenalin in a team game offers an excellent distraction from the daily worries and revives the spirit of adventure.
With the paintball adventure you can experience the attractive grounds of Sukosan.

From the Zlatna Luka to the natural complex Tustica there is over 10 km of coastline, with crystal clear sea, and almost the entire length suitable for swimming. Guests can choose from a well-kept beaches and small intimate coves.

as its name suggests, due to its shallow waters and sandy bottom is a paradise for children and all those who, in addition to know how to enjoy swimming with different games in the sea. It is particularly suitable for playing games with balls 'picigin'. On the beach you can rent beach chairs and pedal boats, refresh yourself with the ice cream or a drink at one of the cafes. The beach is equipped with showers, changing cabins and toilets. The coast is partially paved with stone, and mostly covered with pebbles.

is located at the entrance to Sukosan from Zadar. The beach is covered with pebbles and tamarisk and pine trees provide natural shade during the summer heat. There are showers, changing rooms and chemical toilets. On the beach you can enjoy beach volleyball.

is also beautifully decorated. Showers, changing cubicles and chemical toilets. The beach is partially paved and partially covered with pebbles, with plenty of natural shade of tamarisk. Nearby is a playground for volleyball, basketball court and bocce.


The newly-designed beach within D-Marin Dalmacija, an open type beach with accompanying contents where the exclusive beach club “PORTUS” is located.

We are particularly proud of the richness and quality of restaurants offering many restaurants and cafes, while offering real nature of the Sukosan taverns. You will experience with friendly hosts all the 'pleasure' of the Mediterranean diet.
In our restaurants and taverns you can enjoy the many Dalmatian specialties prepared from fish and shellfish which gives a special flavor of olive oil and fresh vegetables well known in Sukosan. Meat dishes also with domestic oil and fresh herbs here take on a special taste of the Mediterranean.

The vicinity of Zadar, Biograd, Nin, the possibility of day trips to 5 National Parks and 2 Nature Parks - Velebit, Canyon and Krupa, Marina Dalmacija-largest marina on the Adriatic, speaks to the Sukosan ideal destination for those who want to discover the natural beauty of our country and spend an active holiday.

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