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Njivice was once a small fishing village. Today it is a modern seaside town but fishing nets, fishing boats and crates full of fish are always a lovely sight. The first hotel was built in 1930 (today’s Jadran hotel), as was Villa Dinka, and that was how Njivice embraced tourism. Owing to rich tradition, modern accommodation facilities and excellent fish and Mediterranean products Njivice have many loyal guests.

Beach Jadran, Njivice
The beach Jadran also awarded with the Blue Flag, is available in the center of Njivice, along the  promenade, next to the park which will provide shade as cover from sun.

Cave Biserujka
Today one of the least known but paradoxically most visited caves in Croatia, Biserujka started attracting tourists as early as the 19th century. Some of them left graffiti inside the cave. The cave is located on the outskirts of the Municipality of Omišalj above Slivanjska Cove and next to the village of Rudine. The cave has been known
since ancient times. Legend has it that its name comes from pirate treasure that was found there (biser is Croatian for pearl). From the first half of the 19th century, the cave was recorded in court documents as a shelter for smugglers who came from the other side of the narrow sea channel. This suggests that the pirate treasure isn't
just a legend, as this part of the island of Krk was regularly visited by the Uskoks from Senj in the 16th and early 17th century. These were notorious for plundering the rich cargos of Venetian galleys. Even in later years, the Venetians were not able to control the illegal trade of the inhabitants of Krk with the neighbouring Vinodol area.

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