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Vrbnik is undoubtedly one of the best known areas in Croatia. It owes its reputation to the rich Glagolitic heritage and a famous folk song Vrbniče nad morem (Vrbnik above the sea). Like many old clifftop castles, Vrbnik is situated on a promontory at almost 50 meters above sea level. Vrbnik and Šilo in Dobrinjština are the most notable attractions on the eastern coast of the island of Krk. It was mentioned for the first time in 1100 AD. Over the centuries its inhabitants mostly lived on agriculture, trade and fishing.
Today the best known product indigenous to Vrbnik is the golden yellow Žlahtina wine, popular in Croatia and abroad. Before it acquired fame, cereal crops were cultivated in the plain to feed the families that at the time used to be more numerous than nowadays. Grapes were grown along the plain's edge since there was no market and the wine was produced for private use only. Vrbnik is still mostly just a day-trip destination, which is one of its advantages, although private rooms and apartments are available for rent and there is a hotel in Vrbnik as well.
Owing to its rich history Vrbnik is regarded as the cradle of Croatian literacy and it certainly is one of the oldest settlements on the island of Krk. Narrow streets prevail here and Vrbnik is home to the narrowest street in the world. Blaž Baromić, the founder of the first known Glagolitic printing press who greatly contributed to the Croatian cultural heritage, was born in Vrbnik and a monument has been erected here in his honor.

Sunbathing on secluded beaches, exploring the beauties of the island on foot or by bicycle, diving... the choice is all yours!
If you are keen on spending time in nature, we recommend walking or cycling through Vrbnik’s vineyards, olive groves or fields of wild aromatic herbs along marked walking and cycling trails! Should you be more interested in history, you can go and search for Illyrian ruins, the Frankopans’ estates or the remnants of mediaeval chapels and churches. Swimmers can look for a favourite bay and clean beach in the immediate vicinity of the town, and divers can indulge in the marvellous beauty of the underwater world.

Discover the secrets of Vrbnik’s cuisine and enjoy the fine wine selection!
Vrbnik is a place of contrasts that complement each other perfectly. A town of literature and wine, spirituality and hedonism, hard-working common folks and well-respected intellectuals. To refer to it as a town sounds pretentious, but our ancestors always called it that way. Even though they have worked their fields as a main source of existence, they pursued cultural accomplishments even outside the boundaries of our Golden Island. The Vrbnik just described provides an opportunity for a multifaceted experience from exploring traces of its past and traditions to hedonistic pleasures for gourmets and lovers of quality wines. This is precisely the mission of the constantly growing number of Vrbnik entrepreneurs, mostly wine growers, winemakers and caterers; to provide a quality product and an unforgettable experience. In the menus of the Vrbnik's restaurants and taverns you can choose between original local dishes and creative gastronomic delicacies, and pair them with the fine žlahtina and other wines of Vrbnik’s wineries. And why not have a glass of sparkling wine that matures on the sea floor or craft Žlahtno beer or brandies flavoured with domestic honey, walnut and sage?

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