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Opatija is a fashionable year-round tourist getaway with a long-standing tradition and recognizable Secession-style architecture. A small fishing village next to Benedictine Abbey, wherefrom the place takes its name, and St. Jacob's Church (mentioned as far back as 1449) has grown almost overnight into a popular tourist center. The person most deserving for the development of tourism in Opatija was Ignacio Scarpa, an aristocrat from Rijeka who erected a summer residence here in 1844 naming it after his beloved wife Angiolina. Numerous eminent guests visited this nobleman over the years and Opatija gradually grew into a celebrity holiday destination. Hotel Kvarner opened in 1884, Kronprinzessin Stephanie (today Hotel Imperial) in 1885 and soon followed the opening of the Quissiassana hotel (Hotel Opatija). In time the town’s beautiful park and lovely seaside and forest promenades were built. Known for its mild climate, in 1907 Opatija was the second most popular health resort among 243 health resorts in the Austrian part of the Monarchy, right after Karlovy Vary.
Visitors will be enchanted by the splendor of local architecture, especially the palaces and parks filled with luscious greenery and native plants. Some will remember it for its unique, 12-km-long seaside promenade (Lungomare), but everyone will remember its unique charm and old world allure. Opatija is a destination for all seasons, featuring attractions that appeal to all tourists: historical buildings, landmarks, high-end hotels, marinas, congress centers and numerous restaurants.
Best small towns to visit: Dobreć, Ika, Oprič, Pobri, Vela Učka, Veprinac

Opatija, a charming coastal town with a rich history and culture, has many fantastic locations, impressive monuments, well-manicured parks and magnificent villas that are waiting to be discovered.
Opatija has lots to offer: an impressive church in the centre of town, the fantastic Villa Angiolina with its park, statues made by renowned artists, and much more. Take a walk along the enchanting Lungomare coastal promenade, visit the Open Air theatre – the venue of many musical spectacles, and discover the symbol of Opatija – the statue of the Girl with the Seagull. Enjoy discovering the enchanting town of Opatija with its churches, villas and well-tended parks. Visit the Croatian Walk of Fame and the small harbour known locally as Portić, and take a picture with the famous statue of the Girl with the Seagull.

Lungomare coastal promenade – A walk by the sea from Volosko to Lovran 
The Lungomare is an enchanting seafront promenade that stretches along the coast of Kvarner Bay. Discover its hidden coves and enjoy pleasant strolls by the sea.

Maiden with the Seagull
The most famous statue in Opatija

Lido Beach Resort 
Treat yourself to the ultimate comfort of Lido Beach! Comfortable loungers and a great restaurant with a swimming pool for quick refreshment are waiting for you.

Angiolina Beach 
Remember the old days of Opatija on the new Angiolina Beach, which is decorated in retro style. Have fun on one of the best-equipped beaches in Opatija!

Children’s beach Tomaševac 
Relax in good company or have fun with your kids on the popular children’s beach of Tomaševac. Treat yourself to a relaxing day by the sea, and give your children a day to remember!

The area's walking, hiking and biking trails provide an excellent opportunity to become better acquainted with its beautiful natural scenery and eventful history that stretches back ten thousand years.
Enjoying the peace and quiet on the wooded slopes of Mount Učka, you will also encounter monuments to ancient cultures, such as the caves that were used by the first settlers who arrived here ten millennia ago, as well as reminders of more recent historical events like abandoned World War II bunkers. The area is also home to the important biological habitats of endemic species that cannot be found anywhere else in the world.

For the more adventurous, the Opatija Riviera offers many challenges: eight bike trails on Mount Učka and a network of hiking trails that connect the coast and the peaks of Kvarner's highest mountain and which also provide the ideal setting for learning about nature and local history. A special attraction of the area is the Trebišća-Perun Mythology and History Trail in Mošćenička Draga, which takes visitors through locations that are of particular importance in old Slavic mythology and informs them about the mythical "divine battle" between Veles, the god of the underworld, and the supreme thunder-god Perun, presenting Učka as the holy mountain of the ancient Slavs. 

Učka also offers other types of activity holiday, such as horse-riding or caving, and is particularly popular among extreme sports enthusiasts. Not many experiences can match the rush of adrenaline that one feels on taking off from Vojak, the highest peak of Učka, when paragliding or hang gliding, enjoying the stunning panorama of the entire Kvarner Bay and Istrian peninsula below. The canyon of Vela draga is a world-famous attraction thanks to its 62 climbing routes and limestone towers, which represent a great challenge even to the most experienced climbers. However, those who succeed in climbing it will be rewarded with breath-taking views of the surrounding area.

Returning from the mountain to the sea: the Opatija Riviera offers various opportunities for water sports, such as water polo, sea kayaking and canoeing, water skiing, scuba diving with experienced diving instructors, or sailing in the company of world champions. The modern sports halls in Opatija, Matulji and Kastav, are ideal for indoor sports such as futsal, handball or basketball. If you are longing for some peace and quiet, there are well-maintained trails along Opatija's Carmen Sylva forest promenade and in Matulji's protected Lisina forest park

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