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Bohinj is located in the heart of the Julian Alps. The most extensive and highest mountain range in Slovenia is also the most south-eastern part of the Alps. Bohinj encompasses the valley of Nomenj, the Upper and Lower Bohinj Valleys, lake basin, the Pokljuka and Jelovica plateaus and a high mountain range.

The most recognisable and astonishing natural site is Lake Bohinj, the biggest lake in Slovenia.
The twenty-four villages in and above the valley hide the attractive riches of the past, the cheerfulness of the present and the mystery of the future. Bohinj abounds in unique natural beauties and spectacular landscapes.

Lake Bohinj

The largest natural lake in Slovenia with endless opportunities for outdoor activities.
Lake Bohinj is located in a glacial valley and it comprises almost 100 million cubic metres of water – according to an old Bohinj joke: no more than a bucket if it is large enough. The steeply descending lake basin is relatively smoothly shaped and has no shallow areas. In summer, the temperature of the water rises to 22 °C; in winter, the lake freezes sometimes. The water level rises 2 – 3 metres after heavy rainfall.
Lake water is restored three times per year. The main tributary is the Savica, and the main distributary is the Sava Bohinjka. More than a third of the water flows into the lake from the Karst springs under the lake surface along the northern shore. During heavy rainfall, the Karst waters gush out as the Govic spring on the Pršivec hillside.
Lake Bohinj is perfect for water activities all year round – from swimming, boat riding, windsurfing, kayaking or canoeing, fishing and diving in warmer months, to (sometimes) even ice skating in winter. Visitors can also take a wonderful tourist boat ride or simply go for a relaxing walk along the shore. If ice skating is an option, please be aware, that you can only skate and walk on the ice at your own responsibility. We recommend you to be extremely cautious!

Vogel (1535 M)

Panoramic ascent by cable car and spectacular views. Take the cable car up to Mount Vogel at 1,535 m and enjoy spectacular views of the mountains, that are also available to those who, due to different reasons, are unable to climb the mountains themselves. Ideal starting point for short or long hiking tours (more than 1000 meters above Lake Bohinj, guide can be hired). Diverse culinary offer and accommodation.
If you love hiking, we recommend Vogel as an excellent starting point for short or long hiking tours in the high mountains. However, you can simply take a walk through the new information path, where you can find many interesting details about the history and natural peculiarities of Vogel. You can even see a real forest Lopata or use the chairlift to reach the top of Mount Orlove glave and ring the wish bell. In any case, fantastic views of the Julian Alps and Bohinj await you at every step.
With your own eyes (and with your palates) you can see the benefits of traditional dairy production on mountain pasture Zadnji Vogel and, in the meantime, catch sight of a lively goat, curious sheep or happy cow on it’s pasture. Do not forget to find refreshment with exquisite dishes and drinks. If you have stayed too long to taste all the delights of Vogel, they will gladly provide you with a comfortable bed.

Savica Waterfall

The third most visited attraction in Slovenia. A spectacular waterfall, hidden amidst the steep walls of the Komarča.
The Savica Waterfall is the source of the Sava Bohinjka, known under the name of Savica to the spot where it flows into Lake Bohinj. It is one of the must-see sights for Bohinj first-timers, and it is possible that you will join those who visit Savica each and every time they come to Bohinj.
Savica is very unique among world waterfalls – its watercourse is divided into two parts in the hidden undergrounds. The famous A-shaped waterfall normally comes into sight at an altitude of 836 m and is 78 m high.
It is fed by the waters from the Valley of the Triglav Lakes and Pršivec that flow to it through a horizontal cave tunnel. The Karst cave with the source is full of syphons and lakes and is only accessible with a guide and proper equipment.

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Vila Park B&B

Bohinj is located in the
heartof the Julian Alps. The
mostextensive and highest
mountainrange in Slovenia is
alsothe most
south-eastern partof the
Alps.Bohinj .... ...

Žmitek Frančiška s.p.

Bohinj is located in the
heartof the Julian Alps. The
mostextensive and highest
mountainrange in Slovenia is
alsothe most
south-eastern partof the
Alps.Bohinj .... ...


Apartments Bor are located in
BohinjskaBistrica right
besideKobla ski resort.
Eightapartments in different
sizes(from 2 to 10
persons) areavailable
throughthe .... ...

Turisticna kmetija Mulej

Located in the village Selo,
inthe close vicinity of
Bled,the Tourist Farm Mulej
liesin a sunny position, by
asmall pond, a treasure
chestof stunning mountain v .... ...

Apartmaji Rabič

Appartments Rabič are
locatedin the hidden part of
Bohinjat the end of the
villiageStara Fužina. Its
surroundedwith high
mountains, lushforests ad
cleanwater .... ...