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Soča valley

The Soča Valley – Bovec, Kobarid, Tolmin, and Kanal
Feel the holiday bustle of the small alpine town Bovec, taste the reason for Kobarid to be among the highest ranked places on the culinary map of the world, and do not miss out on the festival events that make Tolmin more interesting each and every year.

The Soča Valley will thrill you with various possibilities of an active holiday in nature in a relatively small area.
UNESCO declared the Julian Alps as the first biosphere reserve of international importance in Slovenia. Locals use innovative approaches to connect people with nature and thus preserve natural heritage, the biotic diversity, as well as take care of the continual development. The unique beauty of nature was also recognised by the filmmakers of The Chronicles of Narnia, who filmed some of the most exciting scenes of that famous movie by the River Soča.

Kobarid museum
Kobarid Museum is the centre of representing the heritage of the Isonzo Front on Slovenian, European and on a global scale. Unique demonstrations of fights and the life during the war, the exhibits, the rich photo material and the multivision projection tell the touching story of hard and bloody days next to the River Soča, which were also remembered by the famous Ernest Hemingway and Erwin Rommel.
The 12th battle of the Isonzo Front, The Miracle of Kobarid, particularly stands out. The fans of military history know it as the most successful push of the First World War.
Until now, Kobarid Museum has been visited by many high representatives, three presidents of the European parliament, presidents of various countries and world associations, ministers, monarchs and Noble prize winners.
Combine the visit to the museum with visiting sights, which are connected with a 5 km long Kobarid Historical Trail, and culinary pampering in one of the Kobarid’s top restaurants, the culinary capital of the Soča Valley.

Tolmin gorges

The Tolmin Gorge is a common name for the Tolminka and Zadlascica Gorges, which are one of the most magnificent natural attractions in Tolmin. The Tolmin Gorges are the lowest and probably the most beautiful entry point into the Triglav National Park. The circular path leads us through the wild gorges of Tolminka and Zadlascica, which merge into the only confluence in the gorges on the territory of Slovenia.The Tolmin Gorge is a common name for the Tolminka and Zadlascica Gorges, which are one of the most magnificent natural attractions in Tolmin.

Kozjak waterfalls

Not far from Kobarid, above the emerald green Soča River, there is a gorge of the Kozjak stream, where the 15-metre-high Kozjak Waterfall particularly stands out. This popular natural sight creates the image of a heavenly corner hidden from the everyday world by tall, dark walls, covered in limestone sediments, just like in the karstic caves.
An arranged footpath will lead you to the waterfall. In some places, it is complemented by small wooden bridges and ends with a terrace with a mystical view of the rocky amphitheatre with a green pool and a white beam of water.
The Kozjak Stream, which springs in several headwater sections high under Krnčica (2,142 m), flows through multiple pools and six waterfalls, of which only two are accessible to visitors: in addition to the Veliki Kozjak (Kozjak Waterfall), there is the slightly lower, 8-metre-high Mali Kozjak waterfall.
The Kozjak Stream with waterfalls is a protected natural treasure. Even though the Kozjak Waterfall is an excellent destination for a walk in the hot summer days, because the steep walls preserve the pleasant coolness and slightly lower temperatures, the pool under the waterfall is not suitable for bathing. Help preserve the original experience of the Kozjak Waterfall for other visitors too and only choose bathing areas next to the Soča, Nadiža and Idrijca rivers for bathing.
How to get to the Kozjak Waterfall? Access is simple and also suitable for families. On your way from Kobarid, in the direction of the Drežnica village, follow the turning for Napoleon’s bridge over the Soča River. The Kozjak Waterfall, which is also one of the tourist attractions on the Kobarid Historical Trail, is also accessible from the arranged footpath. You will need a half hour easy walk from the car park to the waterfall.

The great Soča gorge

The emerald green pools are intertwined into a 750-metre-long meticulously smoothed out gorge that is only a few metres wide and 15 metres deep.
After rainy seasons, the overhanging walls capture several-metre-high water curtains and beams of sunlight, which is drowned in the clear depths of the emerald green beauty. This is the location where the vibrant Soča River shows its true characters and shines in all its beauty, so do not forget your camera.
You may admire the Great Soča Gorge on foot, if you embark on the famous Soča Trail from the wooden hanging bridge at the start of the gorge or savour the emerald beauty at the end of the gorge, where the rapids of the Soča River become calm. This is where visitors like to sit the most and from the shores admire the daring swimmers, who dive into the icy cold river in the hot weather.
The entry point for sport navigation, the Great Soča Gorge, lies at the end of the gorge. Navigation through the Great Soča Gorge is not allowed for safety reasons.
The end of the Great Soča Gorge is on the Bovec-Vršič regional road, approximately 11 kilometres from Bovec (turn right for the Lepena Valley, cross the bridge and park). The upper part of the gorge is another kilometre away from the turn for Lepena on the regional road (parking area with an information sign).
The Great Soča Gorge is not completely accessible and can only be seen in some spots on the marked forest footpath, which leads along the left side from the start to the end of the gorge. In humid, cold and winter months, we advise against sightseeing in exposed places due to the possibility of slippery and icy areas.

Javorca - memorial church of the holy spirit

The church celebrates the fallen Austro-Hungarian defenders of the Isonzo Front battlefield (1915–1917). As the most beautiful World War I memorial in the area of the Republic of Slovenia, it was placed on the list of particularly important European historical and cultural heritage back in 2007 and received European Heritage label in 2018.
The Church of Holy Spirit in Javorca was built by Austro-Hungarian soldiers, masters of various crafts. It stands as a symbol of a call for reconciliation and a witness to the connecting strength of joining the artistic creation with construction. There is a bell tower with a solar clock, the coat of arms of the monarchy and the inscription PAX (peace) above the entrance.
The Church of the Holy Spirit in Javorca will not only enthuse you with its historical message and incredible construction. From the terrace next to the church, there is a view of the mighty Rdeči rob, the charming chain of the Tolmin – Bohinj mountains. The church is one of the selected points on the famous Walk of Peace trail, which connects memorials and remains of World War I in the Soča Valley.

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