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Island of Pag

Pag is a fascinating island with unique geographical features, a colourful vibrant community, rich cultrural heritage and an exciting tourist offer. It is home of eponymous cheese, lamb and lace, all universally acknowledged, appreciated and celebrated around the globe!

The Lace
Buy or make the most beautiful souvenir
Learn to love the Pag lace and learn about it!
UNESCO protected Pag lace is a finely crafted product of beauty and delicacy that many grateful owners frame and regard as artwork. Thanks to the nuns of the local Benedictine monastery, who were the first to start perfecting and teaching fine-thread ornamental lacemaking in the 15th century, Pag lace has been an important source of income for many skilled and industrious local women ever since.  Some of them were even invited to the court of Empress Maria Theresa to hand-weave for her exclusively! Fully learning the craft of Pag lacemaking is a lengthy and complex process. However, you can also test your skills by enrolling in the beginner course under the guidance of some of the most experienced and talented lace-makers on the entire island.

The Cheese
Love at first bite
Not so sound cheesy, but you will fall in love with this cheese!
Pag has a long and proud tradition of artisan cheese making and its sheep-milk type is considered one of the best in the world! Pag cheese is regularly awarded and included on various top lists of prominent experts and food critics. It is often proclaimed the best in many categories, even ahead of the most outstanding French cheeses. It is usually rather hard and has a very distinctive flavour which comes from resilient sheep grazing on the aromatic shrubs of sage and thyme covered by sea salt scattered by the gusts of the strong bura wind. Famous Gligora Dairy is one of the most awarded dairies in the world and offers exciting educational and tasting tours to its numerous visitors who get a chance to try exceptional cheese. Find out more about its greatness and fall in love with it at first bite!

Pag Beaches
Beach, please!
If you are looking for the perfect beach, come to Pag.
Pag has many lovely coves and stunning beaches, wedged between the unique moonlike landscape of the rugged island and the crystal-clear coast of the calm Adriatic Sea. Ideal for enjoyment, leisure and all sorts of fun activities, they range from larger bustling locations to smaller private havens of both sandy and gravel texture. Make sure to visit exceptionally beautiful beaches in Kolan and Povljana and relish the nature of the island.

Town of Pag
Get to know Pag
The town of Pag, might be small, but it has a long history.
The Town of Pag, the largest settlement on the eponymous island, is a typical medieval town built in the 15th century according to the project of George the Dalmatian, an ingenious master builder, hired by the Venetians who ruled the area. The first cornerstone was laid in 1443. In accordance with what were the latest ideas in town planning back then, the main streets and the cross streets intersect at right angles and lead to four city gates. The sober central square, the Petar Krešimir Square, includes the Church of St. Mary and the Ducal (Rector's) Palace. In 1449, Dalmatian began working on the city walls but only the Skrivanat Tower of the nine original towers remains. The best way to get to know the town is to take a walk through it and create your own history.

Sacred Triangle Trail
The Sacred Triangle of Pag is a very popular tourist site that links three sacred spots where the Christian churches were built on the foundations of pagan places of worship. This rugged inaccessible area poses quite a challenge to all those who love to hike and presents a unique adventure, while offering wondrous views of the surroundings from the highest point of the island. 

Festival & Parties
Pag is home to several traditional festivals that faithfully promote intangible heritage of the area. However, it has gained a global attention because of its spectacular dance music festivals. Over the last 15 years, the Zrće Beach hosted countless universally acclaimed and globally popular DJs and it has acquired a lasting reputation of the place to be, with over a million partygoers visiting each year!

Pag Salt
Pag salt has always played a very important role in the lives of the local people. There is evidence that organized production by natural evaporation started one thousand years ago! Visitors can learn more about its rich history in a lovely onsite museum that is the largest manufacturing plant of its kind in entire Croatia today.

Birdwatching at Kolanjsko Blato
Kolanjsko blato is the most extensive area of low marshy and sandy coastline and shoals, wide shallow bays, lagoons and protected straits in Croatian littoral.

Cycling on Pag
The breathtaking scenery of the northern part of the Island of Pag is impossible to compare with anything else on the planet because it mostly resembles the Moon. Explore the area that is shaped by the bura wind on a bike!

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