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Nin Riviera

Nin is the oldest Croatian royal city and the birthplace of the Croatian state. Today this city is a modern tourist destination that offers all kinds of activities for individuals and families, whether it's gorgeous sandy beaches and beautiful, intimate coves or extremely fun, top quality vacation spots.

Seductive small town of Nin
Love is in the air (by Nin)
Find out why Nin was officially named "Europe's Best Romantic Travel Destination"!
Kiss your loved one at the marked "kiss types", share your memories on the wall, buy a rose at the dance of the magic fairies at a romantic concert and win a seat on the popular "kiss bench". This old small town is the perfect place to fall in love, get engaged, or plan a wedding. If you are a hopeless romantic then Nin is the place for you. And if you aren't, you will. Find your princess / prince charming in the fabulous small town of Nin!

Beaches of the Nin Riviera
Feel like a queen
Discover the Queen's Beach (Kraljičina plaža) or find another one that will be your personal Queen's Beach.
Places like Zaton Holiday Resort offer lots of entertainment and various adventurous experiences. If therapeutic leisure is your thing, head to the sandy Queen's Beach, enjoy a regal treatment with medicinal mud, and relax in the medicinal pool. It is also worth visiting the nearby beaches of Vir, Privlaka or Vrsi. The beautiful sandy bays of Bilotinjak, Ždrijac and Kraljičina plaža are among the most beautiful beaches in Croatia. The mild and constant winds create excellent conditions for first-class windsurfing and kitesurfing there. Some of the beaches in the area are particularly suitable for children, so parents can relax and enjoy themselves while their children have fun.

Nin Salt Works - Salt Museum
A museum to taste
If you want to spice up your sweet vacation a bit, head to the Salt Museum.
Salt has been extracted in Nin since Roman times. The local community prides itself on today's traditional production according to the highest ecological standards. Every year around 100,000 visitors learn everything about this unique salt production and can choose from a wide range of salt products. Here you can taste and buy the famous flower of salt - an excellent delicacy that is known by many as the "caviar of salt" and is also appreciated by the world's finest gourmets. Those who work in the local saltworks take great pride in the fact that the table salt here is not produced by machines, but is harvested directly from the salt pans formed by the influence of the sun, sea and wind. The species-rich flora and fauna and the nearby medicinal mud make this region even more attractive. To sweeten your vacation even more, add a little salt!

Church of St. Nicholas
Schedule a royal visit
See the church where seven Croatian kings were crowned and feel like the king of the world watching the sunset there.
The most famous landmark of the Nin Riviera is the Church of St. Nicholas, a pre-Romanesque church from the 12th century that was of great importance to the dynasties of Croatian rulers. This small fortress-like church was built at the end of the 11th century and is only 5.9 m long, 5.7 m wide and 6 m high. Legend has it that seven Croatian kings were crowned in this unique church. After the coronation, each of them had to ride out with his escort to present himself to the people and as a sign of his royal power to strike with the sword in all four directions with the sword in a symbolic ritual. Visitors can admire the colorful history of this church and its unique heritage, and watch breathtaking sunsets that only complete the already memorable experience.
Visit the smallest cathedral in the world

Church of the Holy Cross
The Church of the Holy Cross, known as "the smallest cathedral in the world", is one of the most significant landmarks of Nin. This pristine pre-Romanesque church from the 9th century is a type of sundial that determines the exact date of the equinox and the solstice.

Condura Croatica
The Condura was the smallest, but probably the deadliest ship in war history. The Croatian kings in the 11th and 12th centuries had up to 20,000 rowers who were ready to fight at any time. A condura can be seen today in the Museum of Antiquities in Nin (Muzej ninskih starina).

The Queen's Beach
The Queen of Beaches
Bring your kings, queens, princes and princesses to one of the most beautiful family-friendly beaches in Croatia – the Queen’s Beach!
The Queen’s Beach is a 3-kilometre-long sandy beach included on American Travel Channel’s list of the world’s most beautiful beaches! Supposedly owing its name to the wife of the first King of Croatia (Tomislav) who was especially attracted to its beauty, this haven of the Nin Lagoon offers one of the most breath-taking views of Mount Velebit. The shallow warm water and extending sand dunes of the beach are suitable for families with small children and for people in need of therapeutic baths, as local pools have been used to treat various medical ailments for over 60 years. For those who prefer a bit more action, coastal breezes make this part of the lagoon a good spot for windsurfing and the local sand courts offer a chance for some fun beach volleyball. Apart from the Queen's Beach, the Nin Riviera is known as the largest area of sandy beaches in Croatia.

The Healing Properties of Mud
Natural healing, baby!
We all know that relaxing on a beach is healthy. But relaxing on the Queen’s Beach is more than just that – it has medically been proven good for you. The secret? Its mud!
The medicinal mud (peloid), located near the long, sandy Queen's Beach was tested by thousands of people who have used the mud to treat various ailments. Rheumatic diseases, spinal deformities, muscular and skeletal system problems, female infertility, skin diseases – you name it, the mud will heal it! All you have to do is cover your body with the mud, sunbathe on the beach and rinse off with warm sea water for ten to twenty days. This technique doesn’t just sound good to us, it did to the ancient Romans as well! Nin’s mud was used in a spa in this place in the prehistoric era which is evidenced by tegulas that were used for the therapy and a sculpture of the goddess of fertility. Feel like a god(dess) yourself!

Meat lovers, unite!
Although the seaside is known for its seafood specialities, you don’t want to miss out on this traditional meat titbit!
Šokol is the traditional dried meat sausage made from high quality pork meat, salt and spices. But what gives it its special recognizable taste is the particular aromatic wind that blows from the north - bura. The meat is first placed in sea salt for several days, then marinated in boiled red wine and sprinkled with various spices. The rest is left to the effects of smoke and bura, as well as a secret ingredient only locals pass from generation to generation without a written trace. Every family has its way of doing the šokol and this is why the best way to see and taste the differences is at Nin’s Šokol Festival which has been taking place in July since 2003. See how many you can try!

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