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Paklenica Riviera

Visit the home of captivating legends and thrilling adventures, sandy and pebble beaches, hundreds of plant and animal species listed by UNESCO and Winnetou movies! Enjoy the mountains and the sea and see why it was virtually designed for adventure tourism.

Hiking in the Paklenica National Park
High (on adrenaline) at the Paklenica National Park
With more than 150 km of outstanding mountain trails and two grand peaks higher than 1,750 m, the Paklenica NP is a true heaven for every hiker! You do not have to be a skilled climber to realise the beauty of Paklenica. However, hiking is, by far, the best way to truly get to know Paklenica, as there are several very popular routes that offer magnificent views of the Adriatic and take your breath away. This is where the highest and most amazing peaks and tops of Velebit are located, Vaganski Vrh (1757 m) and Sveto brdo (1753 m). However, the Paklenica rewards the visits of those who do not have any climbing experience but only a desire to be among the amazing mountains by providing them with an experience. Paklenica, with its peaks, position and natural features is one of the top alpine and tourist destinations. This is confirmed by the fact that experienced climbers classify it among their most picturesque experiences. Ain't no mountain high enough to keep you from getting to

Riviera Beneath the Mountains
Where the mountains touch the sea
The Paklenica Riviera is renowned for it's amazing contrasting climate, scenery and culture combinations. Find your match!
The Paklenica Riviera delights the visitors with its amazing scenery variation – from the rocky shore with romantic coves, green forests, mountain tops to old villages. This area is known for the craziest combinations – the Paklenica Riviera merges the mountain and the sea, Mediterranean climate and the mountain climate, tradition and the modern times. All this is best observed from pebble beaches as you enjoy the crystal-clear sea. The magnificent Velika and Mala Paklenica canyons that cut deep into Velebit particularly delight the visitors. Those who seek adventure and intimacy can find a small place among the many hidden coves where they can be on their own.

Novigrad Fortress
Find out why the Novigrad Fortress is legendary!
Get to know the fascinating tales from the medieval City of Novigrad. 
Novigrad is known for its medieval architecture and its crystal-clear sea which used to be a source of pearls. Today, it is known for its abundance of fish and clams. It is also known for centuries of turbulent history. The most famous story is the one of the Queen Elizabeth. She was imprisoned in the Novigrad Fortress that is the most prominent structure in the town. According to the legend, during her imprisonment she embroidered a royal cloak – Misnica, using velvet and gold threads. It has been preserved at the Parish of the Assumption of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Novigrad. Sturdy walls will tell you many more extraordinary tales from this town's uniquely rich history.

Rafting and canoeing in the river Canyons
The adventure called river canyons
Rafting on the wild rapids of the upper reaches of the Zrmanja River will leave even the most experienced adventurers breathless!
If you like rivers, you will love Zrmanja. The Zrmanja River has been penetrating its way towards the sea for many centuries and, by breaking carbonate-based grounds, it has created one of the most impressive canyons in Croatia. Therefore, it was protected as a significant landscape attracting a great number of nature lovers every year. You can choose between taking a boat ride on the Zrmanja River, a kayak and a canoe expedition, rafting down the river, or even relaxing in a local household, all while enjoying an astonishing view of the canyon. Something for everybody!

Try Climbing
Climb to the top!
The Paklenica National Park is at the heart of Croatian rock climbing and is known as one of the top European rock-climbing areas. 
Paklenica is a place of outstanding natural beauty. It is also the most visited climbing site in Croatia. Rock climbing is very varied: from single pitch sport routes to big wall rock climbing routes up to 350m long, catering to absolute beginners as well as the most experienced rock climbers. There are 590 routes here in total on good quality limestone rock with the majority of the routes bolted. No wonder that the International Climbers Meeting that gathers climbers from across the globe takes place here each year to take part in exciting events and competitions. The majestic canyons of Velika Paklenica and Mala Paklenica are, according to many, the most impressive parts of the park, with the former being over 700 m high, 50 to 800 m wide and 14 km long! Just 2 kilometres away from the sea, Paklenica is among the favourite destinations for families with children.

Velebit Foto Safari

The fairy-tale of the Zrmanja Canyon, the enchanting Zadar Archipelago, the magnificent limestone formations of Tulove Grede, wonderful views of the Adriatic and much more are all a part of an utterly enjoyable jeep safari ride!

MTB Heaven

The whole area is a tremendous spot for both leisurely scenic cycling, as well as intense off-road mountain biking! Explore the unusual tracks around Posedarje, Jasenice and Ražanac and choose your favorite! Find your best route here.


There are many caves of Paklenica Riviera but you have to visit the most famous one - Modrič Cave! It is known for its beauty, not just famous (sur)name. What’s especially fascinating is a great number of cave decorations, stalactites and stalagmites and beautiful immense underground chambers.

Bungee Jump from the Maslenica Bridge

Try out the hugest bungee jump in Croatia from the iconic Maslenica bridge! Get your adrenaline going5 m/16.4 ft above the surface where the rope stops. Whether you are a beginner or an old jumping fox – you will get equally excited!

Hike by the Krupa River and the Monastery

The spectacular canyon and waterfalls that were carved by Krupa and Zrmanja river can only be topped by the monastery that was built on its banks. See what happens when nature and history work together!

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