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Zadar archipelago

Feel the breeze of the alluring Adriatic sea, moor your vessel in the welcoming harbours and eco-friendly marinas, discover the beauties of stunning nature parks and swim in turquoise waters of serene coves. While you have a wonderful time sailling, boating, yachting or rowing in this amazing environment, do not forget to investigate the rich cultrural heritage of the region and to enjoy some solid-ground activities on panpramic coastal and insular hills!

Nature Park Telašćica
A natural choice for adventurists
Try not to be amazed by this nature park.
Telašćica is a wonderful bay and a designated nature park located on the south-east part of Dugi Otok (Long Island). This beautiful bay set in a harmonious environment includes 6 charming islets and is surrounded by 13 islands, all covered with lush vegetation of evergreen forests. Telašćica was proclaimed a nature park thanks to its rich flora and fauna, distinctive geomorphological phenomena, clear seabed teeming with marine life, as well as its interesting archaeological heritage. Choose your favourite spot among 25 small beaches, 161 m high cliffs, a salt lake with medicinal properties, picturesque and unusual islands and amazing viewpoints!

Olive Island Ugljan
Try liquid gold
Olive oil makes everything better. Even your vacation. Try it on the island of olives!
This region has had a long intimate connection with the "green gold" that grows in countless rows of fruitful olive trees. The whole area is lush with olive trees that delight the eye and exude a  rich pleasant fragrance. However, the island closest to Zadar, the green Island of Ugljan, is covered by exquisite olive groves. Its small village of Muline is the best place to discover the secrets of the trade and learn more about the ancient craft of great olive oil making. Taste the liquid gold and make some golden memories on this shining island!

Škraping - Trekking race on sharp island rocks
Challenge accepted?
Try out a new way of trekking. If you dare.
Have you heard of škraping? After the global hit called trekking, Croatia got the bragging rights to its own adrenalin sport – škraping. It is running and fast walking on sharp and steep coastal cliffs. Even though it is a very demanding discipline, it has gathered many fans. Since 2006, škraping competitions on Pašman have been taking place in three categories: Ultra (47 kilometres) – intended for experienced athletes ; Challenger (25 kilometres) – introduces the participants to the antiquities and beauties of Pašman, Active (12 kilometres) - walking or running on fresh air and  Light (6 kilometres) - for adults and children. Check which category suits you best and head into a sports adventure!

Sakarun beach
Dream beach for a dream vacation
Imagine your dream beach. White sand, turquoise and pine trees? Well, now you can also visit it.
Sakarun Cove is a natural gem of the region, widely known and regularly listed among the most beautiful coves in the world! But there is another great beauty in the area. Sakarun is a wide 800-metre-long sandy beach with a view of the open Adriatic Sea. It is located on the northwest coast of Dugi Otok (Long Island). This exceptional beach has gained a well-deserved reputation for its distinctively white sand, clear turquoise sea and thick rows of pine trees that provide a welcome shade on hot summer days. Sakarun is a spectacular place of beauty, peace and tranquillity suitable for everyone, as the calm shallow waters surrounding the beach offer safety and relaxation in an extraordinary setting of changing hues and colours.

Island by Bike
Cycling on the islands is a unique experience. Wherever you go, sooner or later you will end up on a beach and the views are fascinating – both in the direction of the coast and other archipelagos. The islands themselves are still witnessing the past times and a way of life which does not change so quickly here.

On the outer side of the Telašćica Bay, vertical cliffs rise into the most prominent steep slope of the Adriatic Sea – the famous “stene” of Dugi Otok island, reaching a height of 161 m and depths of 85 m. Be sure to look for dolphins that swim along the cliffs and red corals that live underwater on the cliffs. 

Salt Lake Mir
After the last ice age, the global sea level rose by approximately 120 metres, and the karst depression was filled by sea water through numerous underground micro cracks. The unusual salt lake Mir in Telašćica nature park was created due to the underground connections with the sea. See and taste it for yourself!

St. Michael Fortress
The St. Michael fortress on Ugljan island, built in the 12th century by the Venetians, measures 265 metres in height and makes an ideal walking tour. Along the walk, enjoy superb views across the rest of the island, the Zadar archipelago, the mainland and Dugi otok.

Ćokovac Monastery
The last Benedictine monastery inspires the visitors with its history dating back to the 14th century. In addition to the interesting history, the visitors of Pašman island are also delighted by the nature and the vistas extending from it.  

Sea Kayaking
See picturesque fishing villages, coves and beaches from a kayak! In the meantime, swim and snorkel in the pristine clear sea and take photos everyone will be jealous of.

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